Newton Lady Gets Probation in Medicaid Scams Case

A Des Moines female charged with producing incorrect Medicaid records and damaging records has been sentenced while her accomplice waits for trial in Jasper County Court.

Steven A. Sholley, 52, of Newton, and Shelly D. Sholley, 54, of Des Moines, were charged with second-degree deceptive practice, a Class D felony, and damaging records, an exacerbated misdemeanor, they presumably devoted in between February and September 2015.

Shelly Sholley was sentenced to 2 years’ probation. She was also charged a $1,375 fine and $250 in additional charges.

The set is implicated of collaborating to send incorrect paperwork for services not supplied. Those records were used in billing the state of Iowa almost $4,500 for incorrect CDAC/Medicaid services available on

The Sholleys were examined by the State of Iowa, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, and they were apprehended and charged in February 2016.

Steven Sholley is set to stand for a pre-trial conference on Nov. 22 and a jury trial is set for Dec. 4.